Global Logistics and Procurement

  • Created an international trading company sourcing raw materials, finished goods, machinery and equipment for global operations.
  • Developed a vendor optimization program to provide least cost materials to global operations.

Research and Technology

  • Global Scientific Advisory – created board of world-renowned scientists for the purpose of incorporating new research and technology into global products and programs.

Manufacturing and Engineering

  • Developed benchmarking programs for global manufacturing operations.
  • Created process for optimizing global engineering and equipment contracts.

Information Technology

  • Developed and implemented information systems to provide standardized formulation, laboratory analysis, and communication in twelve countries.


  • Negotiated many domestic and global acquisition and divestment contracts.

Finance and Treasury

  • Developed syndicated financing $100+ million to finance spin-off of a subsidiary.
  • Created funds repatriation strategies and implementation programs for international subsidiaries.
  • Provided revenue cycle analysis and improvement programs for international subsidiaries.
  • Developed a currency hedging strategy with company management to define foreign exchange exposures and implement policies for managing exposures.

Strategic Planning

  • Created a $1.5billion stand-alone company which was traded on the NYSE with global manufacturing facilities.
  • Created strategic plans and implementation programs to support the plans for a large publicly traded corporation.


  • Developed financial management counseling program for a large independently owned network of distributors. Program included revenue cycle management, financial ratio benchmarking, strategic planning, and development of educational materials.
  • Restructured distribution systems to serve Asia and realized a $6.0 million savings.

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